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How much is a logo design?

We can't give a single answer to that question unfortunately. Each project is unique in it's own right. To get a quote please fill out our contact form on the home page. We'll start up some dialogue and ask you a few questions about your requirements and provide a quote based on your answers. 

Do you work with other sports?

Yes! We're the CustomSportsClub. Primarily we work within soccer as it's where we've been growing our community and where we've been showcasing our designs. However we'd love to work with more individuals and teams across the sporting world. 

Do you manufacture jerseys?

Unfortunately not, we only provide designs for you to take to a manufacturer. We've got some brilliant contacts, such as Hummel US, to who we can provide completely unique designs and we work with them though the whole development process. We can also provide you with the print ready designs to take to any manufacturer of your choice. 


Have an enquiry for us? Check below to see if we can help out.

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