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Maryland Bobcats


Maryland Bobcats

We worked with the Maryland Bobcats in 2021 to design their Home, Away and Third jerseys for the season. The idea was to create 3 unique designs that are all inspired by the unusual quad sectioned state flag of Maryland.

The home shirt makes the most of the unique shapes in the flag by blending them together to create a seemless patterns across the front panel. The collar and cuffs also adorn the check pattern from the flag in the Bobcats fiery orange.

The Bobcats away jersey uses the same collar and cuff design to create a visual matching to the Home shirt, so the two work as a pair. The primary pattern for the away jersey is a custom Bobcat camo that sits on dark grey shirt.

The third shirt uses the checkered pattern from the state flag in a bold way by creating a centre red strip surrounded by white panels left and right. The Hummel chevrons also sit on the sides of this jersey making it a seperate and unique look to the Home and Away. The idea behind this design was to pay tribute to iconic European designs, in this case most obviously Ajax Amsterdam.

Maryland Bobcats
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