Stockton Cargo SC

Brand Design

The Project

We worked with the USL W Stockton expansion team in 2022 to develop a name and visual identity they can be proud of. The port of Stockton is synonymous with the city and an integral part of its history. So it was a fantastic source of inspiration for the identity of the club. Cargo is a unique identifier that represents the toughness of the Stockton community and the city's industrial nature. Visually, we combined the iconography of a cargo ship with pitch marks to create a logo that symbolises the connection between city and community. The typography on the crest is inspired by the huge lettering on the various hangers around the port and on the historic water tower. The club has two primary colors in it's palette. First is the Stockton green, it's inspired by the large Portuguese community in the area and is a nod to club founder Lee Neves. The second color of the brand is the Stockton blue, inspired by the sea and the vital role it's played in the history of Stockton.

Stockton Cargo, USL W